Monday, June 5, 2017

Kirk MacDonald & Pat LaBarbera 4tet with Adam Nussbaum

I posted some brief clips of this band awhile ago but fortunately for us here's some well-filmed concert footage, recorded in Ottawa, ON earlier this year, featuring Canadian tenor titans Kirk MacDonald and Pat LaBarbera along with bassist Kieran Overs and guest drummer Adam Nussbaum to enjoy:

If you were looking for a lesson in musical/highly swinging drumming today, you've found it! Nussbaum's sense of flow, graceful sound and motion around the drums always really knocks me out.

Furthermore, I received a copy of their latest album in the mail last month and have really enjoyed the overall group chemistry. Check it out!


  1. The only thing better than Pat LaBarbera and Adam Pat LaBarbera and Joe LaBarbera. :)

    And I'll see them together in a few weeks at the Rochester Jazz Festival.

  2. Me too, I'll be there!! Flying up from Atlanta. Buy you a cup of coffee?